Environmental Affairs

A municipality leader in sustainable achievements and initiatives improving the quality of Montclair Township, the Office of Environmental Affairs works tirelessly to implement strategies that increase awareness of environmental issues as well as provide avenues for cost-saving alternatives to energy and waste management for Montclair residents.

The Mission of this office is to: implement cost-saving energy reduction and waste prevention measures for the Township; provide information on environmental stewardship, public wellness, and economic responsibility to residents, schools, local businesses, and the municipal operations; and, as the liaison between the municipality and the Montclair Environmental Commission, to help create policies that protect our natural environment, the health and safety of residents, and the resilience of Montclair now and in the future. 

To learn more about our various initiatives to improve the township, access comprehensive guides on waste disposal protocols, and get more involved in your community, please visit the other tabs on our page!

For further questions and information, please contact our Environmental Affairs Coordinator, Lisa Johnson.