ADA Complaint Procedure and Form

General Information

This ADA Complaint Procedure is established to fulfill the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (hereinafter “ADA”).

Download the Township of Montclair ADA Title II Complaint Procedure and Form document

A public entity that employs fifty (50) or more persons is required by the ADA to adopt and publish complaint procedures providing for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints or grievances alleging any action that would be prohibited by the ADA.

Any person with a disability or any parent or guardian who represents a minor person with a disability who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs or benefits by the Township of Montclair (hereinafter “Township”) may do so.

The ADA Coordinator shall maintain the confidentiality of all files and records relating to complaints unless disclosure is authorized or required by law. Any retaliation, coercion, intimidation, threat, interference or harassment for the filing of a complaint or attempt to restrain a complainant from filing is prohibited and should be immediately reported to the ADA Coordinator.

The Township of Montclair strives to and is required under Title II of the ADA to make Township facilities, services and programs accessible to people with disabilities. If you feel that you have not been able to access Township programs, services or facilities because of an accessibility issue or have been discriminated against based on your disability, please complete and submit this Complaint Form.

This complaint procedure can only address complaints under Title II of the ADA regarding services, programs or facilities of the Township. Complaints about another government entity or regarding private organizations or businesses that would be outside of the Township’s responsibility can be directed to the United States Department of Justice by dialing 1-800-514-0301.