Oakcroft & Wheeler Street District Nominations

Please see Jan. 3, 2020 Letter from HPC Chair regarding designation of Oakcroft & Wheeler Street

In 2019 and 2020, the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission reviewed nomination proposals to designate two Township neighborhoods, the Oakcroft and Wheeler Street neighborhoods, as Local Historic Districts.  The Oakcroft and Wheeler Street neighborhoods were identified as potential historic resources in the Historic Preservation Element of the Township Master Plan, adopted in November 2016. The HPC ultimately withdrew their nomination of these districts following opposition from the residents of the two neighborhoods. 

Cultural resource surveys and draft nomination proposals for these two neighborhoods were prepared for the Township by Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects. The surveys and nominations were funded by a Historic Preservation Fund grant awarded to the Township by the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office.

The draft nomination proposals are available for download below:


What Does Historic District Designation Mean?

Local Historic Districts help to safeguard the heritage of Montclair by preserving resources within the Township which reflect elements of its cultural, social, economic and architectural history. Local Historic Districts also helps to maintain and develop an appropriate and harmonious setting for the historic and architecturally significant areas within the Township.

In accordance with the Montclair Historic Preservation Code, the Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for proposing districts that are found worthy of landmark designation to the Township Council.

In Local Historic Districts, a Certificate of Appropriateness is issued by the Commission for certain exterior modifications only.

A Frequently Asked Questions document regarding historic district designation has been prepared to address a number of questions.

About the Districts

Oakcroft Neighborhood District

Oakcroft mapThe Oakcroft neighborhood is roughly bound by Oakcroft Avenue, Parkside, North Mountain Avenue, and Brookfield Road and includes all of Princeton Place, Godfrey Road and Carteret Street and a portion of Edgemont Road. A total of 113 properties are located in the Oakcroft neighborhood.

Wheeler Street Neighborhood District

Wheeler mapThe Wheeler Street neighborhood is roughly bounded by Woodland Avenue, Willowdale Avenue, Lincoln Street and Maple Street and includes Wheeler Street and Monroe Place. A total of 97 properties are located in the Wheeler Street Neighborhood.

Outreach & Meetings

Members of the public were invited to partake in the review of these reports and nominations. Specific details are provided in Montclair Code 347-135B(5).

October 24, 2019 HPC Meeting

The draft nomination proposal was first presented to the Historic Preservation Commission at their meeting held on October 24, 2019.

November 12, 2019 Community Meeting

The Historic Preservation Commission held a public community meeting on Tuesday November 12, 2019.

December 10, 2019 HPC Designation Public Hearing

Pursuant to the Township's procedures for designation under Montclair Code 347-135B, the Commission opened the public hearing on the two nomination proposals at their meeting on December 10, 2019 and continued the public hearing to January 9, 2020.  Proceedings from the December 10 meeting are available online at the links below:

A summary of the received protest letters was also provided at this meeting. Below, please find the summary of the protest letters received for each area:

January 9, 2019 HPC Designation Public Hearing 

The public hearing on the Oakcroft and Wheeler Street nominations continued at a meeting of the HPC on Thursday January 9, 2020.  At this meeting the Commission approved a motion to withdraw the nominations of the Oakcroft and Wheeler Street Historic Districts, and recommended to Township Council that the districts not be designated as local Historic DistrictsProceedings from the January 9 meeting are available online at the link below:

A summary of the received protest letters was also provided at this meeting. Below, please find the summary of the protest letters received for each area: