Zoning in the Township of Montclair is designed to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the Township of Montclair in accordance with the Township Master Plan.

Chapter 347: Zoning of the Montclair Code regulates and restricts the location and use of buildings, structures and land for residential, commercial, public, semi-public and other purposes.  The Code also includes bulk regulations which govern the height and size of buildings and other structures erected or altered.  Bulk regulations also stipulate the size of yards (front, side and rear) and other open spaces.  Zoning also regulates off-street parking, signs and other facilities.

The Township's Interactive Zoning Map displays all zone districts throughout the Township and provides links to the pertinent code language that regulates the district.

The following table summarizes the 12 zoning districts in the Township:

Zone Primary Uses
R-O: Mountainside One-Family Dwellings
R-O(a): One-Family One-Family Dwellings 
R-1: One-Family One-Family Dwellings 
R-2: Two-Family One- & Two-Family Dwellings
R-3: Garden Group Multifamily Dwellings
R-4: Three-Story Apartment Multifamily Dwellings
OR-3: Garden Apartment and Office Building
Residences & Office
OR-4: Three-Story Apartment and Office Building Residences & Office
C-1: Central Business Commercial and limited residential
C-2: General Business & Light Manufacturing Commercial and limited residential
C-3: Central Business Commercial and limited residential
N-C: Neighborhood Commercial Commercial and limited residential
P: Public Zone Public uses