Administrative & Logistics

The Administrative and Logistics Division is headed by Deputy Chief of Police Wilhelm Young. The division includes the Support Services Bureau, Communications/Dispatch Center, Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Uniform Division and Traffic Bureau.

Support Services Bureau

Contact Information:
Township of Montclair Police Department
647 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

Bureau Commander: Lieutenant Dean Berardi

Phone: 973-509-4737
[email protected]

The Support Services Bureau plays an integral role in the police department’s ability to provide a high level of service. It is entrusted with providing logistical and technical support to all units of the Montclair Police Department. Numerous responsibilities and duties fall within the Support Services Bureau such as fleet maintenance, communications, facilities management, training, and information technology support.

Communications / Dispatch Center

Communications / Dispatch Center functions as the heartbeat of the Township’s emergency services. It is staffed by both police and civilian personnel certified to receive and relay emergency and non-emergency calls for the Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

  • Emergency Management Coordinator: Robert Bianco (Community Services)
  • Deputy Coordinator: Chief John Herrmann (Fire Department)
  • Deputy Coordinator: Deputy Chief Brian Wilde (Fire Department)
  • Deputy Coordinator: Operations Supervisor Mike Reed (Fire Department)
  • Deputy Coordinator: Michael Craig, EMT (Montclair Ambulance Unit)

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is charged with formulating an official Emergency Operations Plan to set procedures to be followed to address natural disasters, hazardous material spills, storm emergencies and recovery from such events. This plan is a complex accumulation of Township Policies, State and Federal Emergency Management Directives as well as information pertaining to resources that our local Emergency Management has at hand. The OEM coordinates fire, police, department of public works, social services, and health and emergency medical services to ensure the safety and welfare of the residents in times of emergencies or disasters. OEM also works Essex County, State of New Jersey and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Uniform Division and Traffic Bureau

Uniform Division Office Commander: Captain John Beyer
Phone: 973-509-4740
Email: [email protected].

Traffic Bureau Commander: Lieutenant Stephanie I. Egnezzo
Phone: 973-509-4718
Email: [email protected]

The Montclair Police Department Uniform Division Office (UDO) and Traffic Bureau offer a variety of essential services to the Township of Montclair.

The Uniform Division Office oversees the daily operations of the patrol division and maintains the scheduling for the entire police department including special events. They are the central location for the request of a police officer for off-duty assignments such as road construction, security for events, and traffic/crowd control for major events. The UDO also handles the processing of Block Party permits.

The Traffic Bureau is concerned with the roadway safety of Montclair citizens. Analysis of traffic patterns and traffic accidents helps determine where the police department must use greater enforcement and establishes where additional traffic pattern devises are needed. The motorcycle unit assists with traffic enforcement and funeral escorts. Within the Traffic Bureau are the 47 Crossing Guards that assist with the school crossings.

The Traffic Bureau has received state grant money to run the following programs:

  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Make It Click (seat belt program)
  • Pedestrian Safety Grant
  • Bicycle Safety Grant
  • Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

In addition to traffic enforcement, the Traffic Bureau works with the Montclair Public Schools on educating the youth about traffic safety. The Bureau also processes all dumpster permit applications.

To download the Montclair Traffic Calming Policy and Procedures, please click here.

Special Operations

Special Operations: Critical Response Team

The Montclair Critical Response Team comprises 15 highly trained members under the command of Lieutenant Dan Eng. The team's responsibility is to assist departmental personnel, outside agencies and the community during circumstances which involve life threatening and crisis situations.

The prime objective of the Critical Response Team, shall be resolution of high-risk police situations with minimum of force, injury and property damage and reducing community tensions during crisis situations, high risk warrant service, hostage rescue and barricade suspect removal. CRT personnel are skilled in all aspects of hostage negotiation, crisis counseling, conflict resolution, use of special weapons and equipment as well as techniques designed to reduce the risk to law enforcement personnel and calm tense situations.