Special Needs Housing

The Township of Montclair also offers a variety of housing options for special needs households.

Cornerstone House

This House is an emergency shelter operated by the Salvation Army and containing 23 beds for both individuals and families. The shelter was created in 1989 and is located at 68 North Fullerton Avenue.  For more information, contact the Salvation Army directly at 973-744-3312.

Covenant House
This House is a shelter for homeless youth with mental illness called Nancy’s Place. The facility, which contains 8 beds, was created in 2008 and is located at 32 South Willow Street.  For more information, contact 973-744-8175.

ARC of Essex County
The ARC has two special needs housing projects in Montclair, including a four-bedroom home located at 434 Washington Street and 6 one-bedroom rental apartments located at 27 Claremont Avenue. Both homes were created in 1999.  For more information contact Adult Services of the ARC of Essex County at 973-535-1181 ext. 1296