Native Plants for Montclair

Create a beautiful landscape in your yard that makes your neighbors jealous!

The Township of Montclair is encouraging its residents to plant native plant species in their yards. Native plants are species that have evolved over many years to a certain region, adapting to the conditions of a specific environment, and the animals and plants that are also native to those regions. This creates an incredibly healthy and beneficial environment to all living things within that area and continues to perpetrate a beautiful ecological environment for years to come. 

Native plants not only create a beautiful environment, but can save you MONEY!

Because native plants are well adapted to their respective regions, they naturally thrive better than non-native plants. They are resistant to certain diseases, pests, and insects and are acclimatized to local ecological conditions like soil composition. This means that native plants require less water, less fertilizer, and less pesticides. Native plant roots also help to hold soil in place, increase the ability of rainwater to penetrate deeper into the ground, and help to filter pollutants out of groundwater. Because less pesticides and fertilizers are used, that’s less contaminant runoff getting into the township’s water systems. 

So, where do you start?

There are many great resources to guide you step-by-step in selecting the most beneficial species for your yard. Listed below are resources that specify plants native to New Jersey. Jersey-Friendly Yards has comprehensive guides to native plant species, a searchable plant database where you can make your own personalized wishlist, and an interactive map that walks you through how to upgrade your yard game!

View a list of NJ native species here: USDA NJ Native Plant Species Database

Searchable plant database: 

Interactive map tool for yard planning:The Interactive Yard

Invasive species to AVOID: DO NOT PLANT List

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