Planning Board

The Township of Montclair Planning Board is a land use board tasked with preparation of the Township Master Plan, review of Applications for Development for site plan and subdivision approval, make recommendations to the Township Council on any proposed changes to the land use ordinance, and grant conditional use or bulk variances in association with subdivision and site plan applications. The Planning Board is established under Montclair Code Chapter 202: Land Use Procedures, Article I: Planning Board.

Class II Member appointment by the Mayor; all other members appointed by the Township Council.

The Department of Planning & Community Development provides all administrative support staffing to the Planning Board.

The Planning Board has the following powers:

Prepare the Township Master Plan
Prepare, adopt or amend a master plan to guide land use in the Township in a manner that protects public health and safety and promotes general welfare.
Zoning Ordinance
Propose or make recommendations to Township Council on all proposed zoning ordinance changes
Applications for Development (Subdivision & Site Plan)
Approve Applications for Development for subdivision and site plan. (one- and two-family dwellings are exempt).  The Board is also empowered to grant “bulk” variances and conditional use approval, only as part of Applications for Development for subdivision & site plan
Redevelopment Plans

  • If directed by Township Council, the Planning Board will prepare draft redevelopment plans and submit to Council for adoption.
  • If not directed by Council to prepare the plan, the Planning Board will review draft plans for consistency with the Master Plan and provide comments to Council.

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