Master Plan

Upper Montclair Center

A Master Plan is a planning document developed to guide the use of lands within the municipality in a manner which protects public health and safety and promotes the general welfare.  Under New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, the Master Plan is adopted by the Planning Board.  

The Master Plan is essentially the blueprint used by the Township to guide decisions regarding both growth and conservation. It provides a cohesive focus by outlining development goals and objectives for a community and identifying suitable locations for commercial, housing and mixed-use development and open space and recreational areas. The Master Plan establishes mechanisms for preserving environmental, historic and cultural resources and integrates the various components involving community life through community facilities, circulation/transportation and utilities plans.

Adopted Master Plan Elements

The Township of Montclair has adopted a total of 5 elements which comprise the Township Master Plan.  Those elements, along with their year of adoption, are as follows: