CRC Members

Chairman and Commissioner: Christa S. Rapoport, Esq.
Vice Chair and Commissioner: Ravi Srinivasan
Treasurer and Commissioner: Leslie K. Brown
Secretary and Commissioner: Margot Cochran
Commissioners: Edna Estimé, Madeline Gale, Jennifer Otero, Reubena Spence, Kevin Pierre, Meredith Nahra, Kevin Allen
Board of Education Designee:OPEN
MPD Civil Rights Designee: Lieutenant Tyrone Williams
Township Designee (EEOC and Affordable Housing):OPEN
Councilor Liaison: Bob Russo
Councilor Liaison: Lori Price-Abrams
MHS Non-voting Designee: OPEN
MSU Non-voting Designee: OPEN

Contact the CRC at [email protected]