Landlord Registration Forms Due Annually on APRIL 1st

Township Council unanimously passed its new rent control ordinance on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. The ordinance is in effect as of May 9, 2022.

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions about the rent control ordinance, a printable Tenants' Rights Statement, and the various forms for landlords and tenants to submit as required by the ordinance.

Rent Control is established under Montclair Code Chapter 257 Rent Regulation

All public documents can be found in the Township's E-Code System.

The Rent Control Board was created subject to the Township of Montclair Rent Regulation Chapter 257-4. The Board is subject to the Open Public Meeting Act N.J.S.A.10:4-6, et seq.

The Board consists of seven regular members: three tenants, one homeowner who is neither a landlord or tenant, and three landlords who shall reside or own property covered by Chapter 257.

In addition to the seven regular members, there shall be two alternate members. The alternate members shall be one landlord who resides in or owns property covered by this chapter; and one tenant, who resides in Montclair and does not own property covered by Chapter 257.

Click the link to access the Montclair Rent Control Board By-Laws