Street Improvement Program

The Township has been engaged in an aggressive street improvement program over the last several years. As with any public construction or repair work, street closures are required for the safety of workers, pedestrians and drivers.

Prior to road work commencing, the Township contacts property owners who may be affected about the nature of the work, when it is expected to begin, its duration and notice of possible street closures during the project.

Milling and paving operations generally begin at approximately 7:00 a.m. and portions of a street may be closed during construction periods, however limited access is provided to residents.

MILLING -- The roadway opens to traffic once milling operations and all cleanup has been completed. If driving through work areas, delays should be expected due to contractor activity. Once milling has been completed, caution is required while driving or walking in milled areas as manholes will be raised.

PAVING -- The roadway remains closed to traffic for a short time after paving while the asphalt cools. No vehicles are permitted on the roadway until the barricades are removed.

Police officers direct traffic during milling and paving operations.

Any problems encountered during a project should be directed to the Township inspector named on the notice. If an inspector is not on-site, contact the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711. The inspector will contact you by phone within a short time.

Every effort is made to minimize inconvenience however road work project will cause a disruption of normal routines and schedules.


How long will the work take? The construction time varies depending on the street length, however one can expect some work to last up to four weeks. Please note that all estimates for length of construction are estimates, which may be affected by inclement weather, material supply problems, etc.

What are construction hours? Work hours are typically 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Will the street be closed? The street will be closed to through traffic during the milling and paving operation. These closings will not extend beyond the workday. In fact, it is preferable to close the street both for the safety of motorists and the contractor’s personnel. Parking on the street is prohibited during construction activities, but is allowed when the contractor is not working, i.e. evenings and weekends. You can expect delays getting in and out due to construction activity. If you require immediate access to your vehicle(s) during the day; we recommend parking your vehicle(s) elsewhere before 7:00 a.m. on construction days.

Will access to my driveway be blocked and if so, for how long? During the time the milling and paving is actually being completed you will not be able to use your driveway. Prior to the posted construction start date and time you should then move any vehicle(s) you need to use off the street before 7:00 a.m. on that day

Will I be able to park on the street at night? Generally, yes. We work with the Montclair Police Department to monitor construction areas in order to prevent residents in those areas from being ticketed when parked on the street at night. However, this does not mean you may park in violation of traffic laws (no parking within 10 ft. of a hydrant, 25 ft. of an intersection or crosswalk, etc.).

What should I do if there’s a problem? The Township assigns a supervisor to each project and you can always speak to him or her at the job site. The supervisor for this project is Rob Bianco. If the supervisor is not on site, we ask that you do not approach the contractor but immediately call the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711. The supervisor will contact you by phone and/or return to the job site within a short time.