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Montclair Supports Green Building Practices

The Montclair Township governing body adopted a resolution in 2016 to support Green Building practices. The resolution establishes Montclair Township’s desires to implement energy efficiency audits and upgrades to the municipal building stock and to establish procurement practices that lead to improved water conservation, reduced light pollution, and increased construction waste recycling.

It also establishes the Township’s commitment to:

  • Consider opportunities to incorporate green building measures into the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of municipal buildings and facilities;
  • Encourage green design for commercial and residential buildings; and
  • Ensure an appropriate balance between historic preservation and green building, with no negative impacts to Montclair Township's historic properties.

The Environmental Commission welcomes the opportunity help advance these objectives.

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The Montclair office of Environmental Affairs continually looks for opportunities to save money for the municipality by reducing any waste of energy, fuels, or solid waste. This is not only an economically responsible policy, but also environmentally sustainable.

Montclair and the Environment

The Township of Montclair is becoming a model of a sustainable community. This means that economic responsibility, environmental stewardship, and equitable social justice are taken into account for municipal operations, purchasing, and decision-making.
A sustainable society is one in which the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The most serious environmental issues are global in nature, but the actions required to solve many problems take place on a local level. Hence the expression, “Think globally, act locally”.


Important Links

Following is a list of links to websites that can provide additional resources to interested residents. The Township of Montclair does not necessarily endorse all of the views and opinions of every web site, but these links can provide valuable assistance to residents, students, businesses and visitors hoping to learn more about relevant environmental topics. NJ DEP’s Planning and Sustainable Communities website The Montclair Environmental Commission (MEC)