Sanitary Sewers vs Storm Sewers

Storm sewers

Storm sewers are for rain and melted snow and they go directly into a body of water such as lakes, streams, etc., without being treated. They are installed on roadways, in areas of poor drainage, brook overflow, leader drains (gutters), etc. Sump pumps and leader drains (gutters) should go into storm lines or to the ground outside the home. They should never go into the sanitary system.

The Department of Community Services is responsible for maintaining storm sewers. Storm sewers on county roads are the responsibility of the county.

Sanitary sewers

Sanitary sewers are for water that needs to be treated at a wastewater treatment plant, then processed and released into a body of water. This would include wastewater from household toilets and sinks.

Storm water should never go into the sanitary lines, because their size is not made for that amount of additional flow and can cause backups into homes and basements.

The township Sewer Utility is responsible for sanitary sewers.

Storm water grate

Leader drain